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Rocket to Anywhere

Where brother and sister Corban and Sofia Garcia tell stories from their lives, talk about movies/TV (from a live production viewpoint) and scour the internet for jokes and facts you may not have heard. New episodes posted every other Saturday!

Mar 30, 2019

Today, Corban and Sofia talk about the saddest movies and music they’ve ever watched and heard. Hint: they all Involve dogs. They also play some games you might find at a 90’s slumber party, learn about unique phobias and rank their favorite french fries.


Show Notes:

I Want a Dog - Song | YouTube

Ben Platt - Grow As We Go | YouTube

EDEN | YouTube

EDEN - Wake Up | YouTube

Dear Evan Hansen - You Will Be Found | YouTube


Recommendations of the Week:

Corban: Coast by Rocket to Anywhere

Sofia: Parks and Recreation


Chapter Markers:

00:00:00 - Emulation Sleeping Dogs 🐢

00:02:55 - FU: Toy Story 4 πŸŽ₯

00:05:00 - Thoughts of the Week 🧠

00:07:40 - Unique Phobias 😨

00:10:25 - Joke Time πŸ˜†

00:13:44 - 90’s Slumber Party Games 🎲

00:25:30 - Sad Movies and Music 😒

00:36:07 - Recommendations of the Week

00:38:57 - Goodbyes πŸ‘‹


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