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Rocket to Anywhere

Where brother and sister Corban and Sofia Garcia tell stories from their lives, talk about movies/TV (from a live production viewpoint) and scour the internet for jokes and facts you may not have heard. New episodes posted every other Saturday!

Dec 24, 2018

It’s a Christmas MIRACLE! Corban and Sofia return to talk about another completely obscure, early 2000s kid’s show: “Boz: The Green Bear Next Door”! They spend this hour telling life stories they have associated with the said “green bear”.


Show Notes:

The Dooley and Pals Show | Wikipedia

All I Want For Christmas Is You But It’s Off Key

Schadenfreude | Merriam-Webster

BOZ the Bear


Recommendations of the Week:

Corban: Watch “Say Goodnight Kevin’s” Donkey Ollie Reviews

Sofia: Watch Boz!


Chapter Markers:

00:00:00 - Bongo Rod and the Coconut Hut Radio Show 🌴
00:07:42 - "The Nutcracker" & "Ralph Breaks the Internet" 📽️
00:17:04 - Thoughts of the Week 🧠
00:20:42 - Schadenfreude: Learn a Word 📕
00:28:39 - Joke Time 😆
00:30:02 - BOZ: The Green Bear Next Door 🐻
01:05:09 - Recommendations of the Week 📝
01:07:36 - Goodbyes 👋


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