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Rocket to Anywhere

Where brother and sister Corban and Sofia Garcia tell stories from their lives, talk about movies/TV (from a live production viewpoint) and scour the internet for jokes and facts you may not have heard. New episodes posted every other Saturday!

Feb 9, 2019

Just Add Magic season 4 is finally here! Corban and Sofia spend over an hour discussing the final season of what could be one of the best TV shows of all time. They also take some time to talk about their newly found passion of watching police chases.


Show Notes:

Script For Cut Scene From β€œThe Penultimate Peril”

Victual | Merriam-Webster

#45: I Cain’t Do That (Amazon Studios’ Just Add Magic) | Rocket to Anywhere

Ep. 80: β€œI Was the Red Robin” | Roderick on the Line (Language Warning!)

Screenshot of Spice Chart

#58: My House Is Made out of Newspaper (BOZ the Bear)

How Corban Met Josh and Kevin + A Quick History of The Inner Tube (feat. Trube Fan Jeff Ross!)

Grip and Electric - Forever Tonight | YouTube (Content Warning!)

Criminal Jumps Onto Moving Train To Escape Police! | YouTube

RAW VIDEO: Bank robbery suspects throw cash from getaway vehicle | ABC7


Recommendations of the Week:

Corban: Should’ve Could’ve Would’ve - Corban Garcia | YouTube

Sofia: wwwy2000 | YouTube (Car chase channel.)


Chapter Markers:

00:00:00 - HARDCORE PARKOUR 🐿️

00:02:42 - FU: The Penultimate Peril (Cut Scene) πŸŽ₯

00:09:03 - Thoughts of the Week 🧠

00:10:41 - Victual: Word of the Week πŸ“•

00:13:51 - Joke Time! πŸ˜†

00:16:43 - Just Add Magic Season 4 ✨

01:06:33 - Car Chases and High School Musical πŸš“

01:11:18 - Goodbyes πŸ‘‹


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